Connecting you to freedom, beauty and joy


It is my desire to help re-connect women and children to the  essence of Mother Nature so that you and your child can experience a sense of wellbeing, a nourishment of peace and simple joy.

A long long time ago, our connection to Mother Nature was something so natural and deeply honoured and cherished.  A heart opening experience it was.  Her many gifts and treasures supported peoples wellbeing on so many levels. As I observe I notice a disconnection from these gifts.

I believe that both Art and Nature open a doorway to wisdom, joy, wonder, calm and wellbeing  A healthier connection to oneself and also to something greater than our physical self.

I believe that a connection to nature and creativity opens a door to  gentle parenting, opens a door to connection to our inner child and to the women who came before us.

© Copyright - Rozanne Henry