Mentor sessions

Women are feeling incredibly overwhelmed…. with too much to do and so little time to slow and savour moments that truly matter. 

Now, more than ever, women are yearning for mindful skills. The kind that helps you make time for your needs so that you can improve your spiritual and emotional wellbeing.  




a soulful experience 


focussed exclusively on your inner peace


1:1 online mentoring via zoom


1 hr 30 mins in duration


There are 4 sessions that build on one another. 


how to begin each day mindfully

how to understand and set boundaries calmly



how to connect with yourself kindly and compassionately

how to self regulate hard feelings throughout your day

how to listen to the wisdom that lies within you.



You will:


have spiritual and emotional resources to strengthen your wellbeing

offer your presence to your child or others more purposefully

protect your inner peace

enhance the mother child connection

feel connected to the wise mother within you

easier return to inner calm during your day even when you are not alone.

have self awareness

gain wisdom of codependant behaviours that are limiting you.



feel more confident to recognize and set boundaries.

experience greater kindness and compassion towards yourself.

Have a better understanding of yourself and why you respond the way you do.



feel connected to a higher Source

“I’m amazed at how quickly I can settle into meditation and feel immediately connected to my heart.”

“I have become a kinder less rushed mother.”

“I can identify very quickly when I am out of alignment and then very soon return to the inner calm I felt in the early morning.”


The woman who is:

intentionally seeking serenity

desiring to live mindfully from a heart centered space

has a willingness for personal growth and wellbeing



seeks purposeful peaceful connection first towards herself and then to her child and or others

desires to bring a softer kinder presence to our world

would love to have a deeper connection to Source/Divine Love throughout her day

longs to feel more receptive to her needs

Session 1:

This will help you begin your day soulfully and mindfully….connecting to the wisdom within you.


Session 2:

This will help you protect your inner peace through boundaries.


Session 3:

You’ll cultivate a healthier kinder appreciative relationship with yourself


Session 4 optional 

Connecting to the divine mother essence



For over a decade, peace has been my greatest source of wisdom strength and wealth.


My own willingness, courage and dedication to inner peace shines a light for what is possible for you too.

I intimately understand how needing approval and lack of boundaries can disconnnect one from the wisdom that lies within.









I’m a gentle sensitive and intuitive soul.  I listen with eyes and ears that observe so much more than what you are actually saying.

This helps me to guide you on a deeper level.

PLEASE NOTE: all spiritual paths are welcome here.



If you’d like to book a session and you are not quite sure if this is a good fit for you… 

let’s meet over tea for a free 15 min chat via zoom 



 Paypal options are available:

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Whichever price option you choose is

per 90 min session.


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My fellow South Africans here is your ZAR pricing:

There are three price options for you.

Whichever option you choose is

per 90 min session.


ZAR pricing options:



PLEASE NOTE: Confirmation of your session is accepted after payment has been made.



If you live in a different time zone to SAST (GMT+2) I will accomodate you accordingly.


If you’d like to book or enquire about a session go to the CONTACT US page. 


I’ll be in touch regarding Paypal details, as well as a date and time to meet with you.


When you use the CONTACT US page state which price option you’d like to use.


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My fellow South African clients, there is an EFT option available for you.


PLEASE NOTE: I will be taking only a selected number of bookings per week as I am currently working on a writing project for you.