Hello, I’m Rozanne and I’m deeply passionate about conscious heart centered mothering.

I wholeheartedly believe that this nurtures peace, kindness and meaningful moments within the mother child connection


Let’s begin by first nourishing ourselves as mothers.

I’m here to lovingly help you trust the wisdom that lies within you.

You may be wondering how this could possibly strengthen your own inner peace?

I can sincerely tell you that when I didn’t have the skills to do this… I became painfully disconnected from myself, Source and my sons.

You know that feeling when you feel so much unease, doubt and anxiety as you keep turning towards others for validation?


It’s time we lovingly turn towards ourselves… and liberate the higher love and wisdom that already lies within our own hearts.

Our children are precious and deserve memories that are rooted in our own intentional living.

I’m a seasoned mom and have been a school teacher for many years.

There was a time when I hungered for peace. Today I’m often asked how I get to be so calm even during challenging moments.

For over a decade I’ve had a daily dedicated practice nourishing my own spiritual and emotional wellbeing.

I now help you, mama, slow down and mindfully hold onto your inner peace as you connect to your own wisdom. The kind that comes from a higher perspective.

My peaceful mother mentor sessions

recorded meditations

and meditation classes

… help you nourish yourself with appreciation, divine support and inner trust … so that you are easier able to offer your presence to your child in a peaceful purposeful way.

If you have found your way here and feel moved … then I’m thinking that you too would love to bring a gentler quality to our world…one woman … one child at a time.

Dedication, courage and willingness are the core values that I live my. However, I was not always a peaceful mother.

I’m Rozanne, a peaceful mother mentor, spiritual teacher, artist and writer.

I come from beautiful Cape Town, known as the Mother City of our gorgeous country, South Africa. 

My beloved sons have been some of my most valuable teachers.

Early motherhood was most certainly a time when I learnt to slow down, eagerly soaking in their simple joys and inherent goodness.

We can discover so much about a child just by quietly observing them. Similarly, when you quietly tune into your own needs, you learn to trust what is meaningful to you.

Mother Nature lovingly held us within countless moments of calm, joyful togetherness.

You could always find me with my hands covered either in paint or soil as my sons happily played around me or created their vegetable gardens.

Children love witnessing a mother who is present to her own joy.

However… I didn’t always know how to hold onto my joy or inner peace.

Since the springtime of motherhood, it had always been my heartfelt intention to be a present purposeful mother

Yet, this is not always so easy.

Can you relate?

An overwhelming post natal depression

Something profound my then 5 yr old said to me

Later… a devastating depression swallowing up four precious years of the mother child connection.

Overcoming a PND

With a tender mama’s heart, I willingly and unexpectedly walked into my first ever meditation class.

Each morning I’d practice coming into stillness… surrendering to higher wisdom and support. Making time to be with just myself, in a soulful way, before attending to my sons… truly helped me overcome that overwhelming feeling of endlessly caring for two young children.

The benefits:

After that…

The moment came when my heart blossomed with warmth for my baby once again. 🙂

Joyfully I picked up my paints and brushes once more. Rose and garden paintings just spontaneously poured forth from me. My canvases, my garden, the mother child connection… blossomed with my joy, my peace and my connection to the Divine.

Sadly I didn’t continue to trust what was working for me. The voices of others became louder than the wisdom inside of me.

When our child challenges our actions:

I could have silenced my son. However….instead, I bravely took a moment to truthfully reflect.

It was from that moment that I began responding with care.

You see… I recalled some of my experiences as a child at school. Words and actions that at the time, broke my spirit and lowered my self worth.

A child is worthy of the same respect and dignity as we wish for ourselves. They are fellow human beings walking alongside us.

I’m so glad that I was open to my son showing me that mother and child each have something valuable to offer each other.

I’m sincerely grateful that I chose to reframe mothering into a gentler, more receptive, kinder way of connecting to my sons.

Gathering moments of grace and serenity

Rising before or with each dawn……. with sacred intention can change everything.

This one thing along with professional help… was the most essential wellbeing practice that helped me regain myself after a four year depression.

To this day meditation is still my most valuable self awareness and spiritual practice. It remains the sacred space where I can access peace and grace that is always waiting for us to return to.

There was this unforgettable moment when…

…my son came to stand at my easel.

From his little face… his eyes radiating, he suddenly exclaimed:

“Mommy… you’re painting again”. 🙂

To this day, I remain deeply committed to nurturing my own heart with inner peace… because that’s the divine quality I wish for each mother and child to remember about themselves.

It’s never about perfection… rather the courage, willingness and dedication to begin again…

… each and every morning.

I wasn’t raised with the concept of a Divine Mother


I now wholeheartedly know that her calming wise presence reaches beyond religious context and doctrine.

And is lovingly available to all.

The divine mother essence helped me grow into a gentler, kinder relationship with myself.

I’m so glad I was open to receiving this unexpected additional divine support.

“As one sniff of a rose shifts your emotional frequency,

abiding in the petals of your own heart elevates your self perception to accept the truth of your absolute worthiness to be loved.”

Mother Mary pg 167 – The Sophia Code as channeled by Kaia Ra

I may no longer be teaching in the classroom… however teaching is at the heart of who I am……. it’s what I’ve been called to do…

…this time through my words, art, and mentorship for you.

In conclusion

May every child feel deeply nurtured and sincerely loved.

May you and I continue to intentionally nourish our own hearts first, so that our presence can ignite meaningful change.

I warmly invite you to visit the meditations, meditation class and mentoring sessions.

Come and choose what your heart is calling you toward:

DISCLAIMER: The content here is not intended as a replacement for medical or any other professional support you may require. You are welcome to visit here as needed along your journey.