Meditation classes


“Your gentle, kind, loving way of sharing the message of meditation is life changing.”

– Claire – yoga teacher



” I previously had no awareness of mindful mornings and now I am so very aware of this. It has helped me feel calmer during challenges with clients.” – Jody


These meditation classes are based on feminine heart centred teachings. 


Each class is a blend of meditation skills, journalling, discussion  group mentoring from me.


Cultivating trust within yourself is absolutely essential for your inner peace.



Classes are an in person experience


Here are the benefits for you:


knowing how to begin your day mindfully and soulfully


strengthening your connection to Divine Love


skills to self regulate hard feelings and return to your inner peace. Even when you are not alone.



how to connect to your own intuition and wisdom

Why is  inner trust so essential for you as a woman.



We live in a culture that does not easily value our feeling nature .


Yet this is where you gain valuable self awareness.


This in turn helps you understand yourself and respond to others in conscious kinder ways…. cultivating meaningful moments with your child and others.



Inner trust strengthens your emotional safety


In ancient times feminine wisdom was highly treasured. It was considered an essential part of wellbeing



Let’s reclaim and liberate this essential part of your feminine essence so that you can live with more inner strength.



Classes are small. Booking assures you a seat.





Riebeek Kasteel:



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Cape Town


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R150 for early bird pricing


R180 if paid after date of early bird pricing.



To secure your seat, whatsapp me:

081 038 0018